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So, I for one am completely and totally against a witch-hunt, speculating “who’s next”, etc. And I’m not about to accuse Jason Munday of any illegal behavior or misconduct in relationships, because I have no evidence or inklings of such.

However, I AM going to fucking accuse him of responding to a young woman’s legitimate qualms and concerns over the rape culture with belittlement and anger.

Yeah, go back up and read that again. Jason Munday just said that if you don’t want to live in the rape culture then too fucking bad. His awful, sarcastic solution to escape abuse and rape? Just remove yourself from all men and thus, culture at large, until placed in an arranged marriage.

I’m not saying Jason’s statements here are on par with the level of awfulness that Luke and Alex’s actions lie on. But what he said is entirely reprehensible, and should not be forgotten.


REVIEW: Voldemort Can't Stop The Rock!

Please check out my HUNDREDTH article - it’s quite probably the most important thing I have ever written.


REVIEW: Free Awkward Hugs

Head on over to the WS to read my review of the Blibbering Humdingers album, Free Awkward Hugs!


The Wrock Snob is officially rebirthed, with 2-3 new articles EVERY WEEK! More details here. Hope you come by and check it out!


So there’s been something brewing over at the WS… whatever could this image be? Every day or so I will be able to reveal another portion of this image due to my state of the science technologies.


New Wrock Snob article - "And Then I Died" vs.... "And Then I Died"?

Hey, so I’m gonna start posting links to these on tumblr, because tumblr is cool, despite all the brokenness.  And that way I might reach some people that are newer to the fandom and don’t really do the twitter thing anymore.  Also, I really like tumblr’s tagging system and think it’s a good way for communities to kind of keep in touch and stuff.

Anyway, yeah, I compare two versions of a wrock classic against each other, with a bonus diatribe about The Remus Lupins and The Seven Potters (the band, not the sweet-ass song) at the end.

Also, for those super new to the WS, I’m currently in the process of “closing up shop”, so I’m publishing half-finished drafts with author commentary in brackets, and adding some extra thoughts to smooth things over.  If you enjoy reading wizard rock reviews, I recommend browsing through my back catalogue. You might even find something readable.



This show was inspired by an old post by the Wrock Snob (you can read it here). We think we know who you are, Wrock Snob, and if you are, thanks for listening!! We’re totally in awe! You’re cool! 

Anyways. This week, we give it up for the fabulous wrockers and wiz hoppers who spin mad tracks, but for one reason or another, never wrote more than a handful of songs. This episode is for all of you. 

Season 5 - Episode 12 - One-Hit Wizards

“We are Wizards” by MC Kreacher
“House Elf 4 Life” by MC Kreacher
“Don’t Touch That” by MC Kreacher
“Don’t Wanna Be a Deatheater” by the Brothers Black
“Kiss Me (Hermione’s Lament)” by the Brothers Black
“Fawkes’ Lament” by Talons & Tea Leaves
“Hallelujah (The Boy Who Lived)” by Talons & Tea Leaves
“No Matter How Far (I’ll Still Love You)” by Talons & Tea Leaves
“My Parents Are Muggles” by Seen and Unforseen
“Taking You 2 Skool” by Dumbledore
“WizardPartay2Nite” by Dumbledore
“U Down w/OOTP?” by Dumbledore
“The Year Harry Went Emo” by Peeved
“Expelliarmus Kid” by Peeved
“Werewolf on the Grounds” by Ninen 3/4
“Potterwatch” by the Basilisk in Your Pasta
“Oliver Wood” by the Basilisk in Your Pasta
“Voldemort, Peace Off!” by the Basilisk in Your Pasta
“Flight” by Witherwings
“Aragog Tonight” by Bella’s Love
“For Those Who Are Desperate, For Those Who Are Lost, For Those Who Have Acne” by Bella’s Love 
“Beneath Your Scar” by Muggle Relations
“The Hogwarts Sex Song” by Buckbeak’s Flight 
“Rock with a W” by Buckbeak’s Flight
“The Wings of Me” by Buckbeak’s Flight
“Underwater” by the Giant Squidstravaganza
“Whatever You Like” by DJ Ronald B 

Yes, yes I am cool.  The fact that I inspired a podcast episode, and for such a good cause (little-known/cut-short wrock bands), makes me so proud and happy. Thanks, guys.  And if you think you know who I am, you probably do. I’m just not that sneaky.  Props for MC Kreacher, and… okay, the whole setlist is great.  Way to give some love to the little guys.  Keep it up, yo!

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 I have 1822 wrock songs in my itunes, prolly another 100 elsewhere on my computer, and about 15 CDs that haven’t yet been ripped on to the computer, so probably about 2100 wrock songs total. How big is YOUR wrock penis?



Looks like I touched a nerve with my reblogging yesterday and the comments I made about the list and the music on it - and that’s OK. I stand by my comments and I think that leads into a whole other discussion about how wizard rock is perceived by fans in 2012 vs. let’s say, 2007. The aspect of production values is something that’s come up time and time again when it comes to bands and their popularity/appeal and I definitely think it’s something worth talking about.

I think two points need to be made clear from the get-go here:

1) I always liked better production values FOR MY OWN MUSIC. Why? Because that’s how I heard it in my head when I was writing the songs. I *wanted* to have walls of guitars and booming drums, because my inner Billy Corgan was with me the entire time I was writing Crisis songs. That certainly doesn’t mean I don’t like wrock that’s just a vocalist and a guitar, or a vocalist and a piano, or whatever. I taught myself how to craft songs in that way via trial and error, reading voraciously online about production techniques and values, and using free or very low cost software (not cracked Waves plugs, that’s for damn sure), staying up until 2am trying different things. And if a musician is happy laying down one acoustic guitar track and 1 vocal and considering their song complete, then more power to ‘em. If that was their vision for THEIR song, then mission accomplished.

2) We all like what we like - that’s human of us. I’d never tell someone “sorry, you can’t like that” because how assholish is that? VERY. But by the same token I completely understand that someone who normally listens to rap music is probably going to be drawn more to MC Kreacher than they are Voldemort. Someone who only listens to modern pop music may not like early Harry and the Potters. Again - completely understandable.

OK, now that that’s out of the way!

Wizard rock started out very lo-fi and DIY/indie and has always (for the most part) maintained that aesthetic. It’s all about doing it for yourself, being happy with what you’ve created, and if others like it, then that’s awesome. I don’t think anyone seriously said “hey I want to get famous so I’m going to start a wrock band”… at least not in the beginning, anyways. Now with iTunes and YouTube “fame”, it might be a different story. But everything I listened to when I first learned about wrock was all about having fun and just creating something that others could relate to and enjoy. 

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Well said, Russ.  A couple thoughts: Firstly, going back to that original mix, maybe this is just a personal thing, but I would NEVER but Hank Green or Starkid or whatever on an “Introduction” wrock mixtape.  For me a very important part of what wrock is is the community that surrounds it, and while there’s lots of people outside the community making good HP music (lots of peeps on youtube, Steve Goodie, and that one guy that makes Irish ballads about cats), I wouldn’t use them to introduce people to the community.

Secondly, a bit of an off-topic point, but I do have to disagree with you when you say people who like rap will be drawn to MC Kreacher. I know you were just using it as an example, it just so happens that that example leads me to something that’s been bouncing around in my mind for awhile.  I think of all the genres represented in wizard rock, rap is the one that is least likely to get converts from people who like the same genre outside of wizard rock.

Now, I LOVE MC Kreacher, don’t get me wrong - his EP was one of my favorite things to come out of the WR EP of the Month Club (which I still hold up as the greatest thing to happen to wizard rock, ever, and its passing has been greatly mourned) - but it’s hard for people who are into more… I hate to use the word “legitimate”, but… rap to listen to stuff like the Kreach or most nerdcore.  And this is something that’s more unique to how rap functions as a genre - the emphasis on “flow” is IMMENSE, and while for wizard stuff MC Kreacher’s flow is fine, it definitely beats the hell out of Big Whompy, it just doesn’t hold up in a broader inspection, whereas melodies crafted by the likes of HMS Wolfstar and The Weasel King hold up quite well.

Melodies, while not easy to write, are easier to learn how to make, than flow is to learn how to spit.  Heck, Luna’s Ceiling, despite being virtually ignored by the wrock fandom, has done fairly well in their “muggle” genre of dark electronic music, or however you would specifically classify it.  Electronic music is almost as bad as metal when it comes to silly nomenclature. In fact, Luna’s Ceiling may very well be tied with MoM, and to a lesser extent, HatP for doing well in the mugglesphere, which is kind of hilarious given that no one listens to them in the wizardsphere.

Anyway, that was just a bunch of stuff I’ve been thinking about, and that sentence in the original post was the impetus for me to vomit words all over the screen.  Otherwise, I completely agree with you.  I have always been able to look past recording issues if there’s something brilliant buried in the song.  For example, one of my favorite wrock songs EVER is Bella’s Love’s “Aragog Tonight”.  The recording on that whole album is kind of abysmal, and the guy’s voice is NOT very good at all, and that’s putting it nicely.  But I will be DAMNED if that song does not kick ass, and it’s just some dude in his room with a crappy mic and a fairly decent acoustic guitar.  But that song is catchy as all hell, immensely fun to sing along to, and that guitar riff right at the end is one of my favorite musical moments in all of wizard rock.

…Again, not sure what that was supposed to accomplish, but hey! WORDS!

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Photo Set


Oh look everyone, wizard rock is awesome if it’s by one of these 5 bands or AVPM. Everyone else sucks balls, though, especially those bands who have been so moved by their HP and wrock experience that they’ve decided to try and do it on their own.

So screw anyone who’s picked up a guitar and poured their heart out for the first time in their life, they don’t matter. Only the hip polished shit does.

Biggest problems with this: As a snob, I automatically have to say HAHA USING THAT ONE SONG THAT WAS IN THE MOVIES YOU FAIL AT EVERYTHING, even though I do kinda like that song.  And while it’s definitely wizard rock, it’s not at all by wizard rockers, which sometimes rubs me the wrong way.  Also, really? You choose one HatP song and it’s “I Am A Wizard”?  Also, lol at telling people about one song being relevant to “queer interests”, RIGHT AFTER DRACO AND HARRY.

But my biggest problem? The one that actually makes me angry? “The biggest issue with wrock is anyone can write and perform it, so a lot of wizard rock is so terrible that it verges on unlistenable.”  Now, saying wrock is terrible is fine. That’s your opinion, it’s wrong, but whatever.  But saying that 1) Anyone being able to write and make music is a BAD THING, and furthermore 2) Bizarrely implying that wizard rock is UNIQUE in the fact that anyone can music (I mean seriously, WTF?!?!?!) just really greases my haunches with ranch dip, you know?

Like, seriously. FUCK. THIS. SHIT.

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One of the funniest, most fun wrock songs out there, from a massively underappreciated band, which is odd, given who the band is.


“Expecto Patronum,” Remus and the Lupins

I’m uploading this for the girl I met at the wrock panel at Dragon*Con.  This is one of the very first wrock songs I ever heard and the one that made me realize I was going to fall madly in love with wrock.  (Yes, this one.  This utterly ridiculous song made me fall in love.  Now you know too much about me.)

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