New Wrock Snob article - "And Then I Died" vs.... "And Then I Died"?

Hey, so I’m gonna start posting links to these on tumblr, because tumblr is cool, despite all the brokenness.  And that way I might reach some people that are newer to the fandom and don’t really do the twitter thing anymore.  Also, I really like tumblr’s tagging system and think it’s a good way for communities to kind of keep in touch and stuff.

Anyway, yeah, I compare two versions of a wrock classic against each other, with a bonus diatribe about The Remus Lupins and The Seven Potters (the band, not the sweet-ass song) at the end.

Also, for those super new to the WS, I’m currently in the process of “closing up shop”, so I’m publishing half-finished drafts with author commentary in brackets, and adding some extra thoughts to smooth things over.  If you enjoy reading wizard rock reviews, I recommend browsing through my back catalogue. You might even find something readable.